Where it Started

Our journey started in 2013 with Cheeky Wipes: The Chemical-Free, Washable Baby Wipes Kit. With a toddler and 6 month-old in arms, I began a work-from-home business to provide the flexibility I wanted with a young family. I was determined to follow my dream of running my own business. 


In May 2015, I was excited to become the Australian Distributor for ImseVimse; a high quality Swedish (European-made) brand of ecofriendly, natural products for young children and mothers. These products complimented our existing range, so it felt like the perfect fit. We are delighted to have one of the most popular washable swim nappy ranges in Australia. You may be lucky to see them for sale at your local swimming school!

Cheeky Lil' One

In January 2016 I was really proud to launch our own 100% Australian family owned brand: Cheeky Lil' One. Our aim was to provide parents with products that were modern; practical, well made and products for young families which couldn't be found at your local shops. So I started to get creative with designing our own fabrics and our new range of products was born (excuse the pun)!

Of course all of this couldn't be done without support from behind the scenes, with my wonderful husband (aka my accountant and IT support), and the motivation from my two boys. I also employee two other wonderful women to help us with social media and marketing.


In July 2017 we decided to sell Cheeky Wipes and then the opportunity arose to take over the Close distribution for Australia. We already sold some of the Close products (& knew how fantastic they were!), so we jumped at the chance to become the new distributors from September 2017.

Connect with Us

Please keep in contact via our Facebook Pages: Close Parent Australia Cheeky Lil' One and ImseVimse and follow us on Instagram; we'd love for you to tag us in your photos.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss which products are best for you.

Finally thank you for shopping with us - when you support small business, you are supporting a dream! 

Warm Regards,

Kylie x