How Many Cloth Nappies Do I Need?

How Many Cloth Nappies Do I Need?

For full time use we recommend around 20 nappies. This will mean in the early days you’ll have a day’s worth to wash and a day’s worth to dry, when you’re washing every day. Later on you can wash less frequently as your baby’s output changes.


If you want to try using the nappies before investing in a whole set, the Pop-In Little Box of 5 nappies plus night time booster is ideal. It will give you most of a day’s worth of nappies to see how you get on.

                                               Pop-in Little Box

If you plan to use reusables part time with other nappy systems then a Pop-In Middle Box of 10 nappies (plus 3 night time boosters, liner and tote bag) may be the perfect set for you. But if you plan to just go with it from the beginning, then 2 of the Middle Boxes with 20 nappies (plus 6 night time boosters, liners and tote bag) will see you through to potty training.

                           Pop-in Middle Box

All the boxes come in mixed, plain unisex colours, either brights or pastels.

Please be aware that if you try to use fewer than 20 nappies for full time use, the nappies, being washed more frequently, won’t last as long. Equally, you won’t need too many more than 20. It might make the first few weeks easier on the washing front but long term you won’t need them. Though it’s hard to resist adding the odd printed nappy to the collection – sold separately as single nappies – they’re always nice to have!

What about the newborn nappies?

The newborn nappies work differently to the Pop-in one-size-fits-most nappies.

They come in a box containing 6 outershells and 10 soakers. Most families find they just need the one Newborn Nappy Box to see them through the first few weeks, the intention being that you can change just the soaker/booster at most nappy changes as the outershell shouldn’t often get dirty, and the nappies are quick to dry after washing so you can rotate the whole stash very quickly.

                                               Newborn Nappy Box

Dec 07, 2017 Close Parent Australia

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