It’s All About the Sizing - What does One Size Fits Most (OSFM) mean?

It’s All About the Sizing - What does One Size Fits Most (OSFM) mean?

The nappies are one size only, and fit most babies from birth to potty (8 to 35lbs or 3.2 to 15kg) but obviously all babies are different shapes and sizes!

The weights for the different popper settings are only a rough guide and you’ll need to use your judgement about when to change up popper settings.

If you can get a snug fit on your baby around the waist and thighs so that there are no gaps but they are not too tight, then the fit is probably a good one.

When it seems to get a bit tight then try moving up a setting, and don’t be afraid to experiment (hopefully without causing too many leaks!).


My baby has outgrown the nappy already, what's happening?

If your baby is just a few months old and you’re getting a bit worried that you have gone all the way up the sizing and you’re on the biggest size already, don’t worry.

What we tend to find is that babies change shape quite radically when they start to crawl and then walk, and their waist and thighs slim down even though they continue to grow and get bigger. So the nappies magically still fit!  

My baby’s too small for the night time booster but I still want to use the Pop-in at night?

When your baby is small, the night time booster will generally be too bulky to use together with the whole nappy.

However the Pop-in nappy system is intended to be flexible so that you can use the different parts to suit the absorbency needs of your baby.

So for instance you could un-popper a booster off another nappy and add it into your usual day time nappy to increase the absorbency for night time. This would be less bulky than the night time booster but should give you the absorbency you need for your baby overnight.

If it’s not quite enough you could try using 2 soakers inside the nappy instead.

It’s basically trying out different combinations to see which works for you. When your baby is older the intention is that you would use all 3 parts together, (the soaker, booster and night time booster) once your baby is big enough and sleeping through… isn’t it great to reach that stage!

Jan 07, 2018 Close Parent Australia

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