Pop-in Reusable Toilet Training Pants - Frequently Asked Questions

Pop-in Reusable Toilet Training Pants - Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits of Reusable Toilet Training Pants

When dry, reusable training pants are much more comfortable for a baby than their disposable counterparts. They allow children to feel the uncomfortable sensation of wetness, which is an important facet of the toilet training process.

Reusable training pants look and feel like real underwear; this immediately boosts a child’s confidence. They are not just pull-up nappies as most disposable brands tend to be. They provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use training pants. Reusable training pants can save parents hundreds of dollars over the course of their child's potty training journey.

Are they worth the cost?

In Australia, the cost of disposable training pants sits at around 80 cents a pair for the cheaper brands. If a child is in training pants for 3 months, using just 1 pair a day, disposable pull-ups will cost the family $72. What’s more likely is that a child will be in training pants for longer than 3 months, usually going through 2-4 pairs a day in the first few weeks until they begin to catch on. This would double or triple the toilet training bill.

Each pair of Pop-in training pants costs $24.95, but you have them for your child’s potty training life. If a child is not having many accidents, parents could get by with 2-3 pairs. If they are still wetting frequently, we would suggest 6-8 pairs, to allow enough for 2 in the wash and 2 on the line at any given time.

Apart from the economical advantages of using washable training pants, there is the environmental benefit of using a product that isn’t being tossed to landfill. Health-conscious parents will appreciate knowing that their child is wearing underwear that doesn’t contain sodium polyacrylate and other chemicals, the effects of which very little is known.

Why choose the Pop-in training pants?

  • Designed to allow a toddler to feel the wetness and know they’ve done a wee.
  • Easy to pull up and down by the child himself.
  • Designed to hold one medium-sized wee, so they can’t be relied on as a nappy. This is a definite bonus when toilet training.
  • Waterproof to help minimise the effects of any little accidents.
  • Smallest size is sized to fit small children and children under 12 months; particularly good for use if practising elimination communication.

How many pants do I need?

It depends on what stage of toilet training your child is at. If they are just starting out, we recommend 6-8 pairs. If they are nearing the end, 2-4 pairs should be sufficient.

What are they made from?

Coolpass is a specially designed fabric made with a fast wicking and fast drying (polyester) yarn, this means that liquid is drawn up very quickly and effectively into the absorbent panel. Come laundry time this material is great and so convenient as it air dries incredibly fast, making it a great option for those who don't have any outdoor drying space.

How can I treat stains?

Most stain removers contain optical brighteners and bleaching agents which aren’t good for your training pants. Instead try rubbing your normal non bio liquid into the stain then place the soiled trainers on a cold rinse before your normal 60 C. If possible, let your trainers dry inside-out on the clothesline as the sun will help bleach the stain.

Will my training pants last more than one baby?

How long your trainers last will depend on the care of the training pants, frequency of usage and the number in rotation. We don’t guarantee your training pants will last more than one baby but we have had customers use them for a second child.

Washing Instructions

1. Rinse in clean water immediately after use. Solids should be flushed first.

2. Warm machine wash (no hotter than 60 C).

3. Line dry in shade.

Please do not use bleach, fabric softener or vinegar on your training pants, as these may ruin your trainers and void the warranty. Pop-in training pants should not be tumble dried.

Take a look at our range of Reusuable Toilet Training Pants here.

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