The Top 5 Reasons to Use Close Pop-in Newborn Nappies

The Top 5 Reasons to Use Close Pop-in Newborn Nappies

1. Unlike multi-fit nappies, the Pop-in Newborn Nappy has a contoured front, designed to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it. This a significant bonus in helping that area to heal quickly after birth.

2. The funky little soaker is double-sided! This means you can choose whether there is soft stay-dry suedecloth against your baby’s skin, or soya velour against the skin. For babies with skin sensitivities, we would recommend the latter as the natural alternative to synthetic suedecloth.

3. The outer wrap is wipeable, so if the nappy is only wet, you can wipe it clean and leave to air, using it every second change. So efficient!

4. In my opinion, double gussets are an absolute MUST for a newborn nappy. We’ve had too many blowouts when using nappies without them or when using disposables, that I simply won’t forfeit that feature in the first few weeks.|

5. Velcro closure means that you can get a perfect, quick fit every single time. It can be overlapped to fit even the tiniest of waists. Be sure to use the laundering tab at the back when you wash, to keep the velcro from snagging other items in the wash.

Keeping it Simple

What I really love about the Pop-in Newborn Nappy is that it is so simple. Rather than making 10 full nappies that you don't really need, Close have put 6 outer wraps in a box, with 10 soakers, so you can simply change the wet soaker as necessary. We recommend airing the wrap in between uses, so you could alternate between two wraps all day if the mess stays on the soaker. If not, just grab a fresh wrap and away you go again. Too easy!

If, like me, you prefer something to get a lot of life before retiring it, you could pass your newborn nappies on to a family member, friend or to a mum in need who is struggling to keep up with the constant demand of disposables. Because newborn nappies are only used for the first 3-6 months, they are often still in very good condition after one baby and can easily be passed on or stored for the next child.

This image shows the nappy on a 2 week old and a 4 month old. The nappy will fit from birth to between 3 and 6 months, depending on the size and weight of the baby.

We highly recommend the Pop-in Newborn Nappy for...

1. Parents who want a simple, cost-effective way to nappy a newborn without buying one-size-fits-most nappies at the outset. This is a seriously awesome way to test the waters of modern cloth nappying.

2. All newborn babies, but especially those born premature or with a low birth weight.

3. Families who have a lot of members changing the baby. The Pop-in Newborn Nappy is a very simple way to nappy a child; the absence of snappis, pins, covers and folding make them accessible to all stages of parenthood!

Nov 15, 2017 Close Parent Australia

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