What Parents need to know about Swim Nappies!

What Parents need to know about Swim Nappies!

DID YOU KNOW that swim nappies (including disposables) are not absorbent like regular nappies and are only designed to catch solid poo? If you didn't know that, don't worry you are not alone! As a first time Mum I remember putting my son's swim nappy on and then driving to swimming lessons. When we arrived at the swimming pool, the car seat was wet and I thought to myself why has this happened?

I think it's common to fall into the trap of assuming that all nappies will be absorbent (we'll that's what they were designed for right?). However the lack of absorbency prevents the swim nappy from swelling up with water, but just like water can come in a nappy, pee can also pass through.

So I think a washable swim nappy makes more sense! Reusable swim nappies keep your baby’s bottom safe and free from exposure to any chemicals. Cost-effective and convenient to use as well, reusable swim nappies are simply washed and reused again the next time your child goes swimming. 

If your little one has done the dreaded number 2, simply empty this into the toilet, rinse the nappy and then put it in the wash next time you are doing a load. You can wash swim nappies just like other swimwear, however be mindful not to use any fabric softener or optical brighteners.

Think of the money you'll save and the benefit to the environment not throwing out expensive swim nappies (disposable swim nappies can easily cost $1-2 each, which over Summer or if you do swimming lessons will add up very quickly!).

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Oct 15, 2018 Close Parent Australia

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