Why is My Baby's Cloth Nappy Leaking?

Why is My Baby's Cloth Nappy Leaking?

It’s very unusual for the bamboo nappy to leak. If you find that it does, the first thing to check is whether or not the boosting inside is completely soaking when you take it off?

If the soaker and booster are completely soaked through then your baby needs more absorbency in the nappy.

You can try adding in a booster from another nappy to see if it solves the problem. Sometimes this can seem to begin very suddenly and you may wonder why, but if your baby is perhaps 14 months+ then it’s very possible that they’re beginning to get ready for potty training, and they start to hold the wee in for longer periods so when they do release it, there’s quite a large amount all at once, flooding the nappy! A bit more absorbency should help for a while… 

If on the other hand the nappy isn’t completely soaked through but still leaking, then it’s more likely to be the fit of the nappy on the baby.

Have you recently changed the popper setting, or perhaps you need to change the popper setting?

You may go through short periods of unsettlement during these growth periods, and it may be a case of trying to fit the nappy on in a slightly different way, experimenting with how the tabs fit around the waist for instance, or how high up on the back the nappy sits when you’re putting it on. 

I’ve used Pop-ins on my first child but now on my second child I’m getting leaks!

We do say that the nappies should last for one baby until potty training. If you want to try the nappies with subsequent babies you are likely to need new outer shells (nappy covers) as the waterproofing will be the first thing to go (sometimes even in storage between babies).

We do sell outer shells and soakers/booster sets separately, but do please check version compatibility before you buy as our version 1 nappy is not compatible with version 2.

Feb 05, 2018 Close Parent Australia

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