Introducing the Stuff Sack - Enough to Make a Nappy Bag Smile

Introducing the Stuff Sack - Enough to Make a Nappy Bag Smile

I’ve learned by now that Close often comes out with really cool products. Not just stuff that is an improvement on other products, but more often than not... really unique ideas!

Their new Stuff Sack is no exception. Designed with busy parents in mind, the Stuff Sack is a handy little wet bag with tape-sealed seams and advanced fabric technology, making it ideal for all of life’s little spills.

When our sample arrived from head office earlier in the year, my husband quickly snagged the first test of it, declaring he needed something more fashionable than a tea towel in which to drape the frozen drink bottle for his upcoming adventure race. I relinquished, eager to try the bag out myself, but just as keen to hear his thoughts.

The Stuff Sack protected hubby’s pack from the moisture of a defrosting drink bottle beautifully, and I then had a go at using it in my handbag.

Happy to report that it held in a smelly, wet little pair of training pants while we were out for a few hours, and my handbag was none the wiser.

Unlike traditional zippered or drawstring style wet bags, the Stuff Sack is fastened at the top by rolling and clipping in place, which affords superior containment of smells and moisture. So simple, but so effective!

We’re really excited that the stuff sacks are now available in 4 prints; Deer, Kokeshi Doll, Rockets & Squirrel - available here.

Sep 29, 2017 Close Parent Australia

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