Close Pop-in Cloth Night & Day Time Training Pants (suitable up to 18 months)

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  • Training Pants - Squirrel
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  • Close Pop-in Night Time Training Pants
  • Night Time Pants - Hedgehog
  • Night Time Pants - Squirrel
  • Night Time Pants - Squirrel
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Pull-Up Night & Day Time Pants - Squirrel or Hedgehog

These awesome blue squirrel night time pull-ups are the perfect training pants for children who are dry by day but wet in the night. 

  • Slim and discreet to help boost a child’s confidence.
  • Easy to pull up and down by the child.
  • Made from 100% polyester TPU laminated on the outer, and a 100% polyester fast wicking inner core.
  • Full waterproof layer and deep elasticised cuffs to help minimise the effects of any accidents.
  • Extra absorbency can be added by inserting a booster pad (sold separately) into the pocket. 

Fantastic for Toilet Training! 
These night time pants are a great alternative to day time training pants as they provide full waterproof coverage over the entire pant. Designed to hold one wee, so they can’t be relied on as a nappy. This is a definite bonus when in the final stages of toilet training.

Size Guide:

Customer feedback has told us these are a small make.

Every child is different, however we suggest this version of the night pants would be suitable up to 18 months  depending on your child's body shape. Refer to measurements below.



Who are they great for?

Most night underpants on the market are really just pull-up nappies and made to absorb a lot of liquid but designed to help the child feel like they're wearing underpants. These are a great solution for older children who still wet significantly at night but don't fit nappies and certainly don't want to be wearing them.

The Pop-in Night Pants provide a solution for families who need discreet night pants that bridge the gap between being fully day trained and “almost there” at night.

They are great for children who don’t want to wear nappies any more (or who have outgrown their nappies), but still need some protection during the night.

Who are they NOT suitable for?

If your child still requires the absorbency of a nappy, a better option would be a night pant that has capacity for 300+ ml of fluid.

What is the Pop-in Night Pant capacity?

The Pop-in Night Pants will hold 100-120 ml of fluid on their own without any extra boosting added. When you add an extra booster into the pocket it approximately doubles the capacity to between 200 and 250 ml. 

Will they leak?

Like most nappies and training pants, your Pop-in Night Pants will leak if they are overfilled or filled to capacity and left on for a long period. To ensure a leak-free experience, only use the product if you know it is suitable for your child’s needs, and change them when you know they have been wet.

How many pants will my child need?

It depends on what stage of toilet training your child is at. If they are just starting out, we recommend having 2 pairs on hand per night. If they are nearing the end of the journey, 1 pair per night will be sufficient. The Pop-in Night Pants do dry quite quickly, but please consider your wash routine when deciding how many you’ll need.

How can I treat stains?

Most stain removers contain optical brighteners and bleaching agents which aren’t good for your reusable night pants. Instead, try rubbing your normal washing detergent into the stain then place the soiled trainers on a cold rinse before your normal 60°C wash. If possible, let your trainers dry inside-out on the clothesline or near a window as the UV will help bleach any stains.

What are the benefits of Pop-in reusable night pants?

When dry, reusable night pants are much more comfortable for a toddler than their disposable counterparts. They allow children to feel the uncomfortable sensation of wetness, which is an important facet of the toilet training process, and especially important during the night when we are trying to teach a child to wake to use the toilet.

The Pop-in reusable night pants look and feel like real underwear; this immediately boosts a child’s confidence. They are not just pull-up nappies as many other reusable night pant brands are. They provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use night pants and provide your child with a product that is designed very specifically to bridge the gap between being trained during the day and being dry at night. Reusable night pants can save parents hundreds of dollars over the course of their child's potty training journey.

Any tips for using the Pop-in Night Pants?

  • Turn the pants inside out to stuff a booster into the pocket. It makes it a lot quicker and easier than trying to put a booster in while the pants are the turned in the right way. 
  • Also, turn them inside out for a really thorough wash and to speed up the drying time.
  • The top slim booster from your Pop-in nappies fits perfectly inside the night pants and can be used to double the absorbency of the pants.
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