One Size Cloth Nappy Cover (use with other brands of inserts, fitted nappies etc)

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  • Close Pop-In One Size Nappy Cover
  • Close Pop-In One Size Nappy Cover
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Close Pop-in One Size Nappy Covers

This will be a much loved, much used addition to your reusable nappy collection. It has some of the great features of the Close pop-in range and can be used as a nappy cover for other brands of flat cloth nappies, fitted nappies or prefolds.

Reusable nappy cover suitable for any 2 part nappy

  • can be fitted with any range of reusable inserts, soakers and boosters
  • also compatible with flat cloth nappies, fitted nappies and prefolds
  • snug elasticated waistline to prevent leaking in the back
  • easy velcro fastening for quick changes
  • double leg gusset to protect against leaks
  • outer wrap can be reused if not soiled
  • the fun designs looks great as outerwear alone, perfect for hot Australian weather

What's the difference between this Nappy Cover and our regular Pop-in Nappy Shell?

  • these covers are larger in size (approx. 2 cm wider and 3cm longer)
  • the wash tab has changed
  • the inside of the cover is wipeable (and therefore doesn't have the added absorbency section)
  • there is no clips to attach your Pop-in booster set

Better for baby, better for you

Close pop-in nappies are super comfortable, snug and soft for baby, and super easy to clean and change for you. Once you switch to reusable nappies you never go back!

Better for the environment

Reusable nappies are infinitely better for the environment, because you wash and reuse them every time. Every time you avoid using a disposable nappy, you are doing your bit as an eco-conscious parent.

Additional Info

fabric composition: 100% polyester PU coated

Note: this is not the complete nappy, just the shell/outer cover only. 

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